Consultation for 1st animal
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By ordering a consultation, you are required and presumed to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions and Informed Consent as listed on the main site.   Click on the Informed Consent page, or the blue Terms and Condtions link at the bottom of each order page.

These consultations include Heidi's preliminary sessions with your animal covering up to 7 questions or issues you wish to focus on, and the phone session with you where you go over the info received. (Heidi will have spent as much time as needed with your animal before she ever gets on the phone with you.) If you wish to ask up to 14 questions, please order the consultation for 1st and 2nd animal. If you prefer to have your reading emailed, that is fine too.  If you request a phone session, notes will not normally emailed until after phone session. 

Please send:  

1) List of up to 7 questions or issues,  

2) Photos that clearly show the animal (preferably with no other animals or humans in the view). 

You may email photos as attachments to



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Consultation for 1st Animal

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