Reiki for Animals

Each reiki session lasts 30-60 minutes, and may be done at a distance as well. Reiki is a subtle energy healing method that is a complimentary treatment. While in some cases there is an immediate and visible reaction and benefit to the sessions, for some people and animals the treatment effects are more gradual. Reiki is helpful for healing after surgery or injury, helpful with pain management, and with emotional issues. Reiki can be used with any other treatment. Please remember that reiki is a complimentary treatment and can not replace veterinary or doctor care. Heidi always recommends you ask your Veterinarian about any treatment.

By ordering a consultation or Reiki session, you are required and presumed to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions and Informed Consent as listed on the main site.   Click on the Informed Consent page, or the blue Terms and Condtions link at the bottom of each order page.

PLEASE NOTE that Reiki is a complimentary modality and in NO way is meant to replace traditional veterinary or medical care.  Heidi always encourages and advises her clients to seek the aid of licensed veterinarians.  

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Reiki for Animals

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